Fall 2018: “Rural By Choice” Sneak Peek!

Rural By Choice
Schenker Family Farms and McCune Farm to Market invest in SEK – while serving customers around the world

It was 2008. Cherie Schenker logged on to Craigslist, a relatively new website at the time, to advertise a quarter of Schenker Family Farms’ grass-fed beef to local consumers.

Photo courtesy of Schenker Family Farms

It didn’t work.

“Somehow, it ended up going on the Craigslist in Orange County, California,” she says with a laugh. “But then – someone called.”

And someone else called. Then someone else. Quickly, Cherie and her husband, Kevin, realized: There’s a huge market for this.

“We needed a website and we needed to figure out how to ship this stuff,” Cherie says. “Necessity is the mother of invention … and we just kind of got propelled into it from there.”

Where they’ve landed 10 years later is one of the largest direct-marketing livestock operations in the state of Kansas. They sell their meat – all-natural, humanely raised beef, lamb, poultry and pork – to customers locally, across the state and throughout the country, including in every Whole Foods store in Kansas, the Kansas City metropolitan area and New Mexico. They developed a proprietary shipping container in 2009 and continue to ship their meat overseas to soldiers (their first shipment arrived to Afghanistan one week before Kevin did; he was deployed there for a little over a year). And they recently celebrated the one-year birthday of McCune Farm to Market, a small grocery store and café that sells fresh meat, locally grown produce, pantry staples and the Schenkers’ take-and-bake meals…

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