Magnolia Blossom Inn

Jenny Sands Revitz Soper always wanted to live in a big house.
That was pretty much the entire premise for the adventure she has undertaken in the last year.
It began in July 2018, during a visit to Independence to clear out the home of her late parents, Bud and Millie Sands. The home had recently sold and there was “stuff” to be dealt with. Maybe it was the nostalgia of that task or perhaps the recollection of fond memories of the community where she lived as a child that caused her to begin percolating a plan. She needed a way to bridge her lifelong house dream with her current reality as a practicing attorney in West Los Angeles.
“I decided I wanted to retire, but I wasn’t retirement age,” Jenny said. “So, I thought, ‘Let’s start a B&B. That way, we can have an excuse for buying a big house.’”
Why not?

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