2020 apparently cannot go out without wreaking more havoc! We were heartsick this week to learn that, apparently, the Winter 2020 issue of the magazine is LOST somewhere in the U.S. postal system. After arriving at the post office on December 8, it somehow vanished. We have no idea yet how or why this happened, but we are painstakingly trying to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, as we brainstormed solutions for our readers and advertisers who have already waited FAR TOO LONG, we decided to offer the Winter issue here in a digital format. We know it’s not the same as having a beautiful magazine to hold in your hand or grace your coffee table – and we have every digit crossed hoping the physical publication will still show up somewhere – but for now, it’s the very best we could do. Please enjoy! And we will keep you posted if we learn more about the mailing.


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