Spring 2015: “The Mysterious Morel” sneak peek!

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The Mysterious Morel
Where the beloved mushrooms grow – and how to find them

This time every year, Logan Martin sees an influx of visitors to state parks and wildlife areas.

Photo courtesy of George Sayers, avid morel hunter in Southeast Kansas and member of the Kaw Valley Mycological Society

Photo courtesy of George Sayers, avid SEK morel hunter and member of the Kaw Valley Mycological Society

But many of those Southeast Kansans aren’t out to simply relax and enjoy the scenery: Hundreds are actually on the hunt for the prized – and mysterious – morel mushroom.

“There might not be as many morel hunters as there are people chasing game or fish, but there’s almost always a lot of locals out looking in early spring,” says Martin, a bio-technician with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s Pittsburg office. “Usually we can tell when the morels are starting to pop up because we’ll see the same pick-ups parked out there every year.”

What makes the morel so sought-after? For one, as many hunters will tell you, it’s delicious – whether sautéed, fried or baked. It’s also typically hard to find (and, therefore, pretty expensive), and that elusiveness lures even more folks out of the house and on the hunt every spring.

“A lot of people are pretty protective over their spots,” Martin says. “If the morel is there one year, a lot of times it’ll be there the next year.”

But, of course, it’s not always that simple…

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2 thoughts on “Spring 2015: “The Mysterious Morel” sneak peek!

  1. Kimber, when I saw those mushroom photos in the last issue, my first thought was of my cousin George Sayers. He is an avid photographer and outdoorsman and has always hunted morels. Then I read the caption. Just wondering if this is my cousin George from Pamona? (Guess I could call him and ask him, huh?) He is quite a story teller and could keep you entertained for hours.

    I enjoy your magazine very much. I take my time and savor each article. Love the local topics. I am already aware of many interesting businesses nearby that I would otherwise have never encountered.

  2. I bet you’re right! He is a wealth of information for morel hunters — as is the Kaw Valley Mycological Society as a whole. Really enjoyed getting to talk to him!

    And thanks for your kind words about the magazine! So glad you enjoy it. It’s a lot of fun to cover all the great parts of SEK.


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