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Give a subscription of Southeast Kansas Living magazine as a gift! Your recipient will receive our most recent issue, a gift card from you AND a full year of magazines.

There are two easy ways to purchase a gift subscription:

  1. Send $23 and the name and address of the gift recipient to
    FAB Creative Services
    ATTN: Southeast Kansas Living
    P.O. Box 1126
    Independence, KS 67301
    , or
  2. Click “Subscribe” below to purchase a gift subscription using your credit or debit card or PayPal account, making sure to include the name and address of the recipient in the “Gift Recipient Information” box.

Once the gift subscription processes, we’ll send the recipient a gift card from you, plus our most recent issue!

NOTE: You do not need to enter your gift recipient’s address under “Shipping address” on the PayPal screen. We will send the subscription to the name and address listed in the box below. Thank you!

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