Winter 2013 issue: “Sister Act” sneak peek!

Photo courtesy of Angelyn Hobson, taken at Murphy's Landing in Stark
Photo courtesy of Angelyn Hobson, taken at Murphy’s Landing in Stark

Sister Act
With their timeless music and effortless melodies, the Vogts Sisters are capturing SEK’s attention

Russ Head has heard it all before. He’s been in the music business almost his whole life, after all – as an audio engineer, a musician and even an instructor of recording arts.

But last spring, Head says he encountered something special. He watched from the crowd at Katy Days in Parsons as two young women – sisters from Erie – made their singing debut as a duo. He was amazed at what he heard.

As he says, these girls could actually sing.

“There was a whole different level of reality to what they were doing,” Head says. “Very few people nowadays sing in a manner that’s real, and they’re just real – real as dirt. So it was really refreshing to see the girls up there just singing and have something honest come out. It’s like – everybody needs to hear that.”

Maggie and Abigail Vogts say they didn’t expect much out of that first competition performance; they knew they weren’t going to win.

As it turns out, they got something much better…

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