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Winter 2023 Issue: Andrew Faucett and Harry's Cafe

It's the inspiring story of a kid, a community and a cafe. Andrew Faucett was just 13 when he and his dad convinced Betty Farris, the owner of the legendary Harry’s Café in Pittsburg, to hire him a few hours a week as a busboy. .Just six years later, he convinced Kimbra Brunk to sell him the building that had been home to a longtime café on the Square in Girard, and Girard National Bank to loan him the money. The chance they all took, he said, got him where he is today: at age 26, he’s starting his eighth year as the owner of Eastside Café in Girard, where residents and visitors alike appreciate his scratch-made food, his generosity to community organizations and charitable causes, and his desire to keep a beloved landmark open.

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